Dirty HVAC systems contributing to allergies
Posted By: Sia Nyorkor

Dirty HVAC systems contributing to allergies


A Health Alert: Spring is in full bloom, which means there's an uptick of pollen in the air. For many that means allergies. Heating and cooling experts say you can stay ahead with a simple fix.

Experts say the trees and flowers bloomed early, in part because of this year's mild winter. So that means there's plenty of pollen floating in the air, in addition to all of the other irritants. It may be time for some spring cleaning in your home.

"This is when we really want to start thinking about what air we're letting come into our house, how we're going to treat that air. I mean they say right now that the air inside our house is up to five times more polluted than the worst outdoor air," said Neely.

A survey conducted by Direct Energy shows only about half of U.S. homeowners had their HVAC systems maintained within the last 12 months, which means many people are breathing in a year's worth of pollen, dirt and dust trapped in the system.

Workers at Debord's say changing the air filter every three months isn't enough. They recommend three main steps to improve air quality and filtration in your home.

Is just one step enough?