Firefighters exhausted by recurring HVAC woes

Firefighters exhausted by recurring HVAC woes

(KUTV) Firefighters are used to working weird hours with sporadic sleep - being a first-responder can be an exhausting profession. But at the South Ogden Fire Department, the firefighters and paramedics are exhausted and it has nothing to do with protecting lives or property.

The air conditioning regularly doesn't work and it's often too hot to sleep in the firehouse according to Deputy Fire Chief Rick Rasmussen. Rasmussen believes it is a public safety issue.

"When you have sleep deprivation you can't think well and your motor skills have problems," he said. "We want our firefighters to go home at the end of shift. We want our citizens to be safe."

Rasmussen says he believes the air conditioning is being shut off deliberately on nights and weekends to save money after other the city staffer in the adjoining city offices have gone home.

"It's a broken system but it doesn't seem to be broken much during the day," he said.